In Viljava’s Rauma port terminal was loaded biggest Panamax -vessel ever visiting the Port of Rauma

Panamax -class vessel BM Matsuyama was loaded in Rauma in December. A few years ago,…

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Customer appreciate Viljavas’s ability to develop its operations

Innolink Oy asked from its customers in November 2018 about Viljavas’ ability to serve its…

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Russian language website opened

Russian language website was opened to serve our Russian customers.

It is located in address…

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Viljava´s website has been renewed

Updated web pages have been introduced. Focus in renewal of the website to make easier…

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Members of the board

Annual General meeting of Suomen Viljava Oy March 25th 2019 nominated members of the board.…

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New flat store in Loviisa port terminal in use

Viljava expanded its storage capacity by constructig new flat store in Loviisa port terminal. Capacity…

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