From Monday, November 15th, 2021, Hankkija will start Digi-passi large scale use for grain loads that come to Viljava’s warehouses. It is easy to use for the truck driver and the farmer. Both of them will receive a text message the night before the delivery of the load with a link to the Viljava Digi-passi system. For their part, each party conveniently fills needed additional information in the system, for example on the home couch, and “it is a goal”.

The digital grain passport called Digi-passi, has been piloted during the current year in cooperation with Hankkija and its logistics operator Movere. There has been technical development work on the information systems for all parties. In addition, the staff has been trained to the use of the Digi-passi. Those involved in the piloting have been satisfied with getting rid of the papers.