Viljava expanded its storage capacity by constructig new flat store in Loviisa port terminal. Capacity of this new flat store is 12 000 tons of grains and other bulk materials. Last year Viljava invested in three flat stores in Loviisa.

After this investment total storage capacity in Loviisa is close to 120 000 tons. About 65 000 tons in silos and more than 50 000 tons in flat stores. Expansions have been improving significantly capabilities serve customers even better and loading of bigger vessels. Last summer Panamax visited in Loviisa taking part of the cargo.

Viljava has gone thorough during last three years extensive investment program in port terminals. In Naantali terminal truck intake capacity has been doubled up to      1 000 tons per hour, in Rauma terminal ship loading capacity has been double to 400 tons per hour and above mentioned Loviisa storage capacity expansion.