Suomen Viljava Oy has made significant investments in efficiency at its Rauma silos to better meet customer needs. Old ship loader, from year 1959, will be replaced by a new almost three times more efficient loader. Loading capacity of the loader manufactured by German company Neuero is spectacular 500 tonnes of oats per hour.

About half of Finland’s oat export goes through Viljava’s Rauma silos. In addition, in Rauma is handled other grains. The deepening of the Rauma fairway to 12 meters is ready at the end of this year, after which larger ships will be able to come to Rauma port. New ship loader enables efficient loading of Handy size ships, ie 25,000 to 35,000 tonnes. Customers will benefit significant cost savings due to increased loading capacity. Grain exports, both as cereal products and grains, are important for the future of the Finnish grain chain. Efficient port operations generate basis for profitable exports.

Last autumn was installed more efficient conveyor line from the silo to quay to fit in the capacity of the new ship loader. In May started installation of the ship loader. It was ready for use at the beginning of August, when also the training of Viljava’s staff began. Total costs of the investments were about EUR 2.5 millions. In both investments quay conveyor and ship loader main contractor was Finnish company Jakaja Oy from Rauma.

“Neuero ship loader has a new generation of technology. It combines efficiency, usability and environmental issues”, says Managing Director Pasi Lähdetie. Dimension of the loader is wide and the biggest ships can be loaded without shifting the ship. Moving the loader on the quay rails and connecting the loader to the quay conveyor line is almost automatic. Ingenious loading pipe minimizes dust generation in ship loading.