Efficient grain transit via Loviisa and Naantali

Port terminals of Loviisa and Naantali serve cereal and feed raw material customers in transit traffic. From the Russian border, Vainikkala, the railway operators transport railcars to Loviisa and Naantali in a couple of days. At terminals, unloading capacity of railcars is 250 tonnes per hour. In practice full trains are discharged in 24 hours.

At the Naantali port terminal, loading a Panamax-class vessel at a 400 tonnes hourly rate takes less than a week. Silo capacity is 250,000 tons. Naantali is ideal for wheat and barley transit.

The draft of the Loviisa fairway allows loading of Handy-size vessles. Loading speed is 500 tons per hour. Silo capacity is 65,000 tonnes and in four flat stores capacity is 50,000 tons. Loviisa has a separate railcar unloading system for products that need to be handled with care or otherwise not suitable for silo storage such as corn, sugar beet pulp pellets or wood pellets.